Flash game Red Team

Red Team game of agility

D covers Red Team and prevents your characters hit a wall in an incredible journey!

If you are a surprising agility, then just prove it by playing a very great flash game int esting and surprising complexity; Red Team (Team Red). Red Team is a game of agility. R succeed this game is a matter for the extraordinary. It is not so easy to play as it n BLINDNESS maximum concentration and alertness.

Red Team is one of the most powerful games in multiplayer mode. You have one chance, any of your characters must not touch the wall or you lose. This game does not BLINDNESS n only agility but it spontaneous, vigilance and caution. If you like this type of game, I can only advise you to start a play now.

The graphic is super simple and lucid. And if the sound would prevent you concentrate, you can disable the d clicking.

How to play a Red Team?

To start playing just click on the image of the game you can play solo or with friends if you want. But the mono player is ten times more difficult than the two-player mode, as given that you have to control two characters at the same time, it is a real challenge to pro!

For you to put in the game, you have to use A and Z keys on your keyboard to control the character at the top and the up and down arrow to control the character at the bottom. All that you have to do is dodge the walls. Shows what you can do and see how far you will be able to browse especially mono player! You'll have fun as well this game you r serve many surprises.

Good luck, because it will take you a lot for r succeed this game!

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