Flash game Red's Rampage

Red's Rampage game of reflex and agility

I demonstrate agility in this platform game! If you like games, especially the classics, you have arrived at the right place. The game "Red's Rampage" is a classic and fun game. In between playing it in a simple world where no bobo you embody a red apple! This amazing game full of surprises is played as c lebre game Snake. The principle is simple as pie: apple as you run in a grid and your objective is to collect maximum bonus.

Until then everything is still simple, but must pay attention to small apples-monsters. R sum, collecting gems and quickly Apples mistletoes're bandits. But do not touch the edges of the grid, otherwise you will lose the game and all your points.

Do not forget that you play against the clock in time so that you're allowed, try to pick up the jewels gauge every move, do not do to great towers, as you will gain time. Each jewel will earn you 100 points. Sometimes you pi ger gem is located very near the edge of the grid, in this case try to take it by s cot, if you're cogneras and you lose your party and your points. . In some levels there will be traps, such as mines that will make you explode if you walk on them. So fast them at all costs. If unfortunately you can not avoid them because they are too close to you, it can not explode after stepping on a mine. So grab your keyboard quickly and tries to find the combination that will allow you to walk on a mine without losing your game.

Red's Rampage is simple to play, and the graphics are well done, so stop at nothing to collect all the gems that appear on your map, plays like a small head and beat your own best score!

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