Flash game Reel gold

Reel gold an agility game arcade

Gold is a metal pr m skies and very sought-appr it as ornaments or piece of currency since the dawn of history. Gold is a very pr min eral heavens, people like the bright gold color e. This metal natural m pr is present in the form of p mites, which can have very picks powder or flake. It is a bright yellow metal m which oxidizes or looks or water: the fact that pr serve its brightness, as perceived by esth tick all human cultures, gives it the essential its value.

Gold retains an economic role not negligible n. You are here in gold hunter p mites aboard a trolley. You're a gold digger and you must bring your car in the most of this ore pr heaven to your pot explode and become rich. You have to catch every golden nugget p shining with your clip being careful not to drop it. To achieve gold DIRECTED yourself with the directional arrows on the keyboard of your computer. Left and Right: moves the wagon, low: launches the grapnel up: back the gold you have to grapple CAUGHT in the wagon. Very simple, but quite fun.

Watch out for rocks, they are as an obstacle. You will play a gold digger and your goal is to p r cup rer mites that are under the ground with your grapple. Games like this, there are plenty, but a diff rence of others, grapple with your balance lan otherwise it just takes a vertical p mites.

Beware, if you aim wrong for r cup rer p mite, thou DEPRESSED further and is no longer possible to r cup rer. Hold up all the gold before researchers Sunday rushed over. Collect all the mites per each level before the time runs col.

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