Flash game Reeve Lander

Reeve Lander an agility game platform

We always welcome on our page with exclusivity s games each cat category. Here you have the chance to come and test this new game Reeve Lander on our gaming platform where you can directly play the game online for free and more. Reeve Lander is a game of agility very simple but requires a lot of concentration and alertness.

This skill game is a game that requires a lot of pr decision to Christopher Reeve who will collect the stem cells. as disability, he will use his wheel chair to continue the mission. This requires that you put the chair with delicacy on green platforms until they turn red, and grace do scrape, or brush against any object d cor for fear of a crash. In addition it should not be too sharply on land platforms. You have way to r guliere refuel the fuel your car flying under penalty free fall that is to say to a crash. Reeve Lander game is composed of 3 levels just so you'll have to follow all the landing points by avoiding all obstacles and accidents CONTINGENCIES s (fast roofs and signs).

Be careful not to forget to take fuel from time to time. To browse through the 3 levels, you have right of 3 lives too. In addition to hang your record the time taken to perform the 3 levels. Reeve Lander is an exciting game and with sound effects LICAT chair looks like an alien spaceship.

To control the chair Christopher Reeve uses the keys of the keyboard. Christopher assistance so that it can collect stem cells and complete the mission brilliantly. As you'll be able! have fun though!

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