Flash game Roadie Runner

Roadie Runner chosen the road with agility

Choose the road with discernment and agility in this game of vitement! Roadie Runner is a very fun and exciting game of skill, where you'll lend a hand people nial g. A concert is organized in the district and the public came to attend many. The audience in the stands since the morning, people have bought tickets several days before the concert, time comes and we realize that artists hang in their place mat material on stage. They need a helping hand all the good willingness s, helps to transport their gear quickly on the podium. Roadies group are pretty dirty by the public press s r proclaims that on the stage, you have to take the help of the other material mat cot road and bring it on the podium. The public is to read and r proclaims the show, then do as fast as you can to help the group!

The mat material is another cot road: guitar, mic, bass drum, amp, basically all the stuff n necessary to make a concert. You have to take them and bring them on the podium, but the car traveling on the road, you have to avoid the no accident happens to you. Cars run at full speed on both sides of the road, use the directional arrows on the keyboard to make zigzagues and avoid. Crossing the road with the matte material, d ca pose on the podium and returned to look for another always very quickly.

Combine together rapidity and vigilance. In the skill game Roadie Runner of delusional and very exciting, succeed in conveying all material mat roadies band Dirty Pretty Things on the other cot road up on stage without you donate a car. Good luck!

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