Flash game Rocket Lander

Rocket Lander game of agility and arcade

D covers the agility and game arcade Rocket Lander was a guide and e in a long term by avoiding the obstacles!

You want to put a naked s your quality? So if your quality is r s sument at address, you'll certainly love this great flash game that you're about.

Rocket Lander is a flash game that can be classified in the category of cat agility and skill games available on our portal free online flash game. The principles of this game are not complicated at all s. Rocket is a quip was e e r a tiny fuel tank. Your main objective is to help achieve Rocket Vinnie by navigating the city and making her full throughout the course. Beware of urchins who will do anything to stop the small e was on his way.

How to play a Rocket Lander?

In terms of game controls, use the directional arrows on the left and right of your keyboard to turn the r left and right players. Presses on the arrow direction from the top to turn on your main actor r. For each level of glues you a platform to the left of the game screen and you should land on the platform located to the right of the screen game playing with gravity in avoiding the buildings, signs and buildings other obstacles.

Attention landing, do it gently because otherwise the crash! So it's time to show what you can do with your hands. Help yourself with the bonus that you have obtained playground to refuel and try to avoid most obstacles.

Rocket Lander requiere in some kinds of agility, good reflexes and also r and especially the rapidity in the gesture. A very good set of address ad cover without delay! D tired fast part just by clicking on the image of the game and ready to play now and have fun though!

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