Flash game Scull Catch

Scull Catch agility arcade game

Try to get the highest score in Catch Scull, arcade and agility that will make you lose your head! Nowadays, the vid o online games on the internet are strongly en s Quent by users because they get to make us forget bad time, go see super excellent adventure on the internet without leaving home. Scull Catch is one of the games trend this season which enables you to enjoy a moment of pure d tent solo or with friends.

It is a game of skill intellectual vivacity. Your mission in this game is to help the young woman collect more helmets can robots falling from the top of your screen in. These headphones are highly sought-s and many people pay very expensive to dispose of. You have the opportunity to help your h Roine has r cup rer tens to spend at sup laughing. How to play a Scull Catch?

You can place thanks to you for direction arrows on your keyboard, pressing the left to lead you to the left and the right cot to go to the opposite cot. Trying to be very agile because these cranes fall randomly and quickly. Be very clever to avoid lack of cranes in steel too.

Your objective is to reap r at least ten robot heads in your hollow utensil capable of containing and all this in a short time gn ally that has a hard e twenty seconds. You have to reach a thousand points to win and know that each robot head can give you a hundred points. For d abut the game, click the Play button. Your score is displayed on the top right of your game screen Scull Catch is very fun ds that gets involved one becomes addicted and hard to s parry. Make proof of agility and skill to fare better in this game very easy to play and understand.

Good luck!

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