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Shop Drop a game

Here's a game for girls and those who like to do the shopping. You can make leche vitrine as you want. Shop is about for free on our showcase of free online games recognized by all. Between the world of shopping bag and all the shops to make you happy. The principle is not hard to understand, on the contrary. You embody a girl who goes to shop and needs your help.

Before leaving, choose the cap that your character will have his skin color and the way she is dressed. Simple to play, the girl walking alone in the commercial street, thou guideras from left to right with your mouse. By advancing, directs it to the gifts you'll see on the road so she can take them and collect them.

Avoid the walk anyhow because it carries gifts may fall. So in this case it will return home swinging arm. At the end of the game, the number of points you have earned will be displayed automatically. To start the game, point the cursor to START and left click on the left button of your mouse.

The small files will really love playing a Shop and Drop will be fun. So you know what to sormais pr coniser was your girl. Of boredom she feels she will play. The game has a very d cor color and also offers a magnificent graphics to ensure a good view and satisfaction of the game Moreover, our team of professional players tried the game adhere to the quality policy of the page to provide a game at the height of your esp rancid.

So do not wait and just play as have many people before you, you will not be d cu. Good game

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