Flash game Smiley Bounce

Smiley Bounce game arcade and agility

Quickly to cover Smiley Bounce Come, super agility and arcade game!

You are passionate games r flexion? D sires you play it? So you're the right page.

Welcome Smiley Bounce, one of our best games of flexion r pr feels on our site for free and uploaded to entertain you. The principle of the game is a bit unusual but simple: small head bounces maximum time possible without it s not 'crushes on the ground. To do this, you will have to get your talent and be very fast in order to control the head.

How to play Smiley Bounce?

To play is simple click on the game and wait until the loading tl.

After, click on Start and fed a new game. Customize your smiley: you have the possibility to change her haircut or color, complexion, but also expression. Manipulate your smiley your way to get the character you want. Then click two times on the Next button on the game screen and then choose the difficulty level at which you access sire of der.

D Place the cursor using the mouse and doing everything to r cup rer smiley before he collapses on the floor. Catch the stars, you shalt earn bonuses and bombs will gain height so you do not deprive yourself. Do you believe to be the height of this game?

Can you beat the record? So come quickly play a Smiley Bounce. You can also invite friends to come with you to take part in this great adventure or to measure yourself to them and beat their record.

Then you will become the best player and hoist a place of great champions you. Smiley Bounce is a game that plays r flexion entirely with the mouse. Have fun and enjoy yourself well on our platform with our games!

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