Flash game Smokin Barrels

Smokin Barrels, shooter-combat, agility and action

Become a Genuine cowboy of the Wild West with the game Smokin Barrels!

You are a hard leather and you want everyone respects you; Here is a small flash game that have t sp cially designed for you. Smokin Barrels is a flash game from the class Category cat fighting games has made your disposal our portal online flash game. The principles of the game are simple and almost similar to most of the fighting games. In Smokin Barrel, represented paths and you incarnate a character from the Wild West.

You're a cowboy who stumbles d and your first mission is to eliminate the enemy and thus climb the pyramid. The difficulty increases gradually and as you progress in levels after. Your mission should be easy to accomplish since you had your disposal a weapon shop.

This store will allow you to buy weapons and ammunition mainly with the money you have gained by arresting or killing your enemies. Of items of disguise (Required) and healing potions in case you would bless during clashes with bandits are also your disposal. Some item (Sniper, knife, ds and seal horse) block of mini games that can earn you some money.

How to Play a Smokin Barrels?

This game is played with mouse only. The game works like this: you have to place your mouse in the Safe Area and wait until the target appears. Once the visible target, it will target the most pr cis ment can damage the target to the enemy while knowing that he did the same. Course because it does not allow itself to be so easily.

The difficulty level increases pr decision and pulling power of the enemy. At some level, you have to be very pr cis in your shots and wellness covered because your enemy can kill you in one hit ball. Let's play cowboys!

Good luck!

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