Flash game Snowboard 2

2 snowboard snowboarding game, slips, and Agility

Come quickly to cover 2 Snowboard, snowboarding game, gliding, and agility!

You have a sudden urge to drive a skateboard? You want to drive at full speed down the street and feel the air in your hair?

Come find all these sensations playing at this very r USSI flash game. "Snowboard" is a game Snow sports character istic of those who love the great outdoors, the mountains, feel free and powerful. As evoked in the title, you're snowboarding. Enters the skin of a young athlete tm rary and exp rhyme snowboarding. You'll check with him snowboard it leads to help him avoid the obstacles it will encounter on the road.

Even if the track is dangerous for snowboarding, this young athlete persists to undertake a descent into hell on a snowboard. Do not let him in this adventure alone, it would be wrong to fail. There are all sorts of obstacles in the game space Those who should get your attention are of course flags. In this game they are green and red.

How to play a Snowboard 2?

Use the mouse to tack snowboarding, and so avoid it bumps against the diff ent flags. Move your mouse to the left or to the right to follow the athlete has the same movement and change of direction.

You can also control the speed with the mouse. The aim is to drive up the online e arrived without it hits obstacles, while keeping the green flags that crosses his left, and the red was his right. If you think you can raise the d fi, do not expect more. Begins immediately and your party arrives at the arriv e online without scratching or gratignure. This game is beautiful and custom sizes too for all those who love mountain sports.

Have fun!

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