Flash game Sonic Adventure Bike

Sonic Adventure Bike racing game, motocross and agility with Sonic

D covers Bike Adventure Sonic and Sonic help control his motorcycle on a winding road!

The character of Sonic is a c h lebre risson blue loyal and courageous known in the world of TV games! If you appr cies, you'll love the game Sonic Adventure Bike where you gotta help control a cross bike on a winding course and s dotted with obstacles!

As a reminder, Sonic the particularity of being able to run beyond the speed of sound, but is not as handy with a cross bike ... This game is a genuine d fi v, with levels increasing difficult! Watch your ease a r anticipate receipt of the motocross after every bump on the ground, and proves that you're a whiz with the bike!

How to play Sonic Adventure Bike?

Day for Sonic Adventure Bike is very easy! You must use the directional arrows on your keyboard to place of Sonic. Based on the top one to move forward, and those left and right to balance the r desk and change the position of the bike, so you do not fall and it does not spill on you, in which case you will lost the game. The game is quite addictive and easy to handle. As soon as you get lost, you can resume from the level of goal.

Attention after several attempts you will have to resume the game from the goal of int gralement! Concentrate well and am very careful! The goal is not to be the fastest, but the most skilful, to show that you master the bike perfectly and knows how to sink the diff ent obstacles on your way!

H Do not site to share the game with your friends to see which of you is a genuine v as the bike! Have fun and good game!

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