Flash game Stick Avalanche

Stick Avalanche game of agility and precision surprising

Trying to get the highest score in Stick Avalanche game pr precision and agility! Agility in the game Stick Avalanche directs your stick figure away from sharp falling triangles. Collect the red dots to go faster in each level. You receive a score based on the e drive of your survival.

Funny insults accompany the final scores. Check out this e Doll and soon the avalanche of impacts has spikes on your head. These sharp objects fall with great speed so you'll have to maneuver well your snowman for it so safe.

Collect all red balls to get a lev score. The game ends as if a black triangle will kill you. The game is control with the mouse. How to play a Stick Avalanche? In fact everything is played with the mouse, moving it from right to left to avoid black projectiles falling while trying to catch balls in red.

If the graphics may seem the ger, the music will boost you to help you to go very far. Hold as long as possible by avoiding the falling triangles. Collect if possible red balls along the way.

Do slalom this character-stick between the peaks ac rs rush towards him. Try to make the best score by surviving longer and picking up the red circles. Click on the "Play" button for the game to laugh at the end of each game your score and the best score, the record is displayed in the bottom of the screen.

Stick Avalanche is a very fun game that demand both speed and agility. The d cor is in black and white but that does not diminish the quality of the game Throw yourself in the game, r achieves the highest score and become the same time the record of tenteur points Stick Avalanche . Good luck!

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