Flash game Territory War

Territory War a shooter and agilte

We welcome you with a new action named'''' Territory War game, a game ad destiny develop the capacity s survival of an individual p war period. It is in the entertainment of the conquest of territory. Diff different groups of individuals are its amen compete for acqu er enemy lands, your role is to eliminate your opponents to keep your territory. So conquer the most territory possible to assert yourself as the absolute master of the control e. To play you will need keys fl ch es to move you, the Space button to attack your opponent. You buteras of the game with a group of three individuals that you must manage according to your tactical battles such Lodbrok'''' Ragnar and his mighty Vikings. You have got several combat weapons like grenades, machine guns.

You will also have the ability to be able to shoot your opponent in a fight-a-body body. Territory War is a game that allows you to do the d made such you must make record for maximum light rings with bombs within the confines of the room for a good period of finite p, the clock has t fix 30 seconds. This duel will serve as trainings and booster before you go to the front. There are several types of individual made so if your results are lev r s, you pass to the next level and so on. And it offers a different kind of d fi, the face of your enemies in groups of 3 in single combat or if you want you can make of it is made in particular to say to clashes between friends , relatives and acquaintances.

You should come try your luck by throwing you into battle, this game is really fascinating and cool to d tender. For d abut the game, click the Play button.

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