Flash game The Box 3

The Box 3

D covers The Box 3 and a labore Use Strategy to counter the terrible red square!

Fan of agility games, you will be served as The Box is back in a third more exciting and fun version. You'll immerse yourself in a world with lots of suspense and fun to have fun with family and your friends because everyone can play easily. You will be in this version the small square which must try to survive against the big red square that look at t 'crush and put you offside as soon as possible. It will require you to be really fast and very agile to escape power faster at this terrible red square.

Like all agility games, it is necessary to have n some gy strat procession.

How to play The Box 3?

To help you to optimize your hard e survival should you try to catch diff ferent objects that are a cot you. The graphics and sound effects are addictive and you dive into the game world to play, you'll use the buttons on your steering der computer keyboard.

During the game you'll quickly find that taking certain paths quickly, you will be crushed by the large square. Also it is good to know that the red square increases as a as you cling to certain objects, so we need you to be careful at times. The environment and landscape of the game are so attractive that you'll soon be enjoying yourself and I'm sure he will be your companion during your moments of tent.

Do not wait a single second of cover for this amazing game and make it known to your friends quickly. You can also share your score and see your level of play Good luck and good luck!

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