Flash game The Fancy Pants Adventure

The Fancy Pants Adventure, an adventure game and platform

The Fancy Pants Adventure, first episode of this series s adventure games and platform Since our childhood we always have a guid snowmen which were given the names of the characters we wanted when amused. Well Fancy Pants adventure makes you relive those moments by sending you in your past. Relive some of your time pass and broke out now in this game you find yourself in the first season of Fancy Pants Adventure now available! You'll guide Fancy Pants, a man with his hair in twigs of fried s and yellow pants.

You have to overcome obstacles and avoid enemies, especially the big spider e that you can kill with a sharp blow on the head. Eliminate all your enemies, therefore, to move to the next level. Jumping, climbing, sliding, jumped and bounced and crossed all stages. You have the opportunity to earn points by collecting squiggles that resemble pieces in Super Mario Bros. game. These doodles will raise the life gauge, and if you manage to have a number of you will win an extra life commentary.

Then picks up squiggle. Your enemies will s arm to the teeth, they will have a fire arms and ravens, so be careful. Once you have eliminated your opponents, use the arrow at the top to open the doors. Small board considered rer, to quickly store the penguin character material, if r standby is not good for you. Use the directional arrows on the keyboard to play.

To go left use the left button to go right is the right softkey to backspace button down and move the top button. Jumps by pressing the 'S' key. Franchis all these steps successfully and become the champion of Fancy Pants Adventures.

Will you manage to include your name in the record books of the game? Good luck!

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