Flash game The Great Escape Police

The Great Escape Police racing game and agility

D covers The Great Escape Police and plays a bank robber who must escape a police car!

If you are a racing fan, you'll love The Great Escape Police is one of the best games available! The graphics and sound effects are excellent and will immerse you in a world with 10 incredible landscapes differ ent. Initially, you incarnate a thief who just rob a bank and r Cupere his girlfriend on the side of a road.

The police are considered as someone very dangerous, and put everything in place to catch you in making you fall into one of their traps. The aim of the game is that you try to drive the best possible way your red car, r alisant of the gratings worthy of Fast & Furious, to avoid that the police catches you. If you shut an outstanding thief, you now opportunit become an ace driver!

How to play The Great Escape Police?

To play The Great Escape Police, you must be careful to watch your card, because with your car is your only ment the survival. On each map, you will see a red cross so. You must follow the path to get there because it enables you to 't escape. You'll simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your car. Please note that the trajectory is very sensitive, and to control your turns you do not access the Manage or else thou shalt turn unintentionally!

Your partner will help you by giving you instructions diff rents in the 10 diff ferent levels that make up this amazing game! Test your reflexes r driver, be agile, r fl chis well, and be quick! Days you can share the game alone or with your friends to see which of you is the best driver!

Go ahead, do not wait one second and amuse yourself!

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