Flash game TRN 47 Subversion

TRN 47 Subversion racing game and agility

Participated in a race to save your skin in TRN 47 Subversion, super racing game and agility!

You're a fan of racing games? A game in which you speeds of up obstacles having chills?

Then you might love this beautiful flash game Space genre. "Trn 47 Subversion" is a car game very fun and entertaining. The game is especially great that offers a wide variety of choice does not found in games similar to it.

How to Play TRN 47 Subversion has?

To laugh of the game click on the image. This game tests your reflexes r. Embedded board a spacecraft and have fun.

For you to move, use the arrow keys left and right arrow on your keyboard to control your ship in this long tunnel. You must avoid the red shields that will damage your ship at the first contact. You have the possibility to gain speed by tapping the yellow shields you meet in court road. ca promises to be great. Go ahead, covers of this incredible adventure, but no less fun. Collecting all the yellow shields and quickly all the enemies to go to the next level. There are in all bonus levels.

The boundaries of the game are the limits of your habilit. So get the big game, watch your driving skills and launch yourself into the adventure. The biases graphics and quality of the attainment make a car games missed.

Despite its vintage trends, the game is manageable and flexible although a time grip is necessary for good n g rer turns. To exit the winner of the race, he'll have to compete address to dodge when needed and at the right time while r cup rant the most yellow shields possible. D covers all facets of the game starting on a part.

Good driver and have fun good luck!

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