Flash game Turtle pool

Turtle Pool agility game

D covers Turtle Pool is a game of billiards with improvised e turtle in a pool!

You like to dig the same mind when it comes to play, you appr cieras probably this very int esting flash game. Turtle Pool (Pool Turtle) is a set of r flexion and address ad cover faster on our portal game Embark on the adventure just by clicking on the image of game principles of the game are very quickly compr standable and the game itself is very fun and you will not have need of your mouse to play. Make a game of billiards with improvised e turtles wading in the pool.

How to play a Turtle Pool?

The game is only a mouse you control the direction and force of the shot of the white turtle. Make it bounce so that a two turtles same colors are found ACCOL and disappear. Careful, time is limited, so do the best you can. It should remain no more turtle before 60 seconds have coul es to the next level. Each level of the game difficulty by increasing the level that cede pr. Thus, you need to be rigorous and pr cis n to negotiate the best diff ent obstacles in the game r Be active and analyzes the situation quickly r succeed to win the game as All comes with a string of objectives to accomplish.

Believe me, you can go the closed eyes s. You have your e harbor an original title, exp experience in itself that we should miss under any text pr. Besides the great principle of the game, providing care to the artistic direction commands respect. Fluid and always sublime hyper levels r are lots of surprises one turn to another. With a good set of bonus, the game offers made to weekly. The conclusion is simple: we want more simply.

Have fun!

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