Flash game Type Master

Type Master agility game of reflex and precision

Just put your agility and your r flexes a profit in Type Master, a super game whose challenge will give you cold sweats!

Here's a great set of clock that will surely delight all major computer of the future. "Type Master" is a game that combines agility at the same time address, rapidity and r flexion. In "Type Master" you'll demonstrate your mastery of alphabet but also all Letter keys are on your keyboard.

It is a game in which you are calling to recognize and reproduce mechanically the letters that appear in your screen. The principle is to type in the order all white letters that will appear in the circle of the game screen in the shortest possible time. You're an ace keyboard? Now the game starts and shows your talents to everyone.

How to play a Type Master?

The game commences and a letter to watch the screen. It takes a thousandth of a second for your big brain g denies recognize the letter and another thousandth of a second to guess its location on the keyboard. Once you know where is a letter, press the corresponding button, then the game continues. This is the same principle throughout this great game of clock.

Finished the series of letters, look at the time that you took ca and compare your score with that of your friends and then resume the game to finish in less time, then post your score to proud of all the other players world. To become an ace in this game, nothing more effective than m Memorise the location of letters on the keyboard. If you are obliged to watch every time your keyboard to type the letter, you will put more time to lay r. And it is always negative points. A pro never gives defeated, and neither are you. Then become a pro at this wonderful game of education by learning to type your letters without looking at the keyboard the way we see the great computer in small screen!

Have fun!

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