Flash game Van Jellies

Van Jellies a game of agility based on the balance

Here is a nice and full color arcade game you will take surely enjoy to play. "Van jellies" is an arcade game and skill r alis well throughout and easy to play. The principle is simple: there is a stick in balance on a pedestal, you have to drop the gel e on either side of the stick without disturbing the balance of the stick. Clearly it is necessary to put the gel on e stick without it falling on côt s. Place yourself on the left or right stick côt and using the left mouse button down make a portion of gel e. The difficulty of the game r Sulte because you can not choose the size of the gel portion e will fall. So if the size of the gel e e a tomb côt is more important to a côt, the staff will consider this côt must then break down the gel e of another cot stick to balance the stick before it is too late. The key word in the game is rapidity. You must act quickly to balance the values, because the stick can fall very quickly if there is a very large amount of gel first part on one côt.

When you need more e gel to prevent the stick from falling appuies hold the right mouse button, and so do drop a larger amount of gel e. You can not know the size or the color of the gel e you gonna do appear, it is what makes all the suspense of the game Pr adorn yourself therefore all CONTINGENCIES s, and leaves the stick in place as long as possible. Of the stick falls, you lose the game, but if you do not gel poses are on the stick for more than three seconds as you lose the game. You r harvests points based on the number of gel as soon as you showed.

So do not the sine of the quantities s, and let the gel run e afloat. Build the biggest pile of gel e ever seen, and get the best score. Grab the mouse now, you're the gel e on the board.

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