Flash game Phantom travel

Travel Fantome agility game arcade and ghost

Come and play a Phantom Travel and enters a Pixelis and ghostly world!

You're dead! But this is not bad news.

In this platform puzzle, you're accustomed it, but after several years pass es es a haunt a graveyard, it is time for you t 'escape and to cover the rest of the world. Ghost in travel, you incarnate a ghost to go home a goal. To do this, he must pass through graveyards, castles and other places while marking of escape carefully in the light of lamps, candles and candlesticks around it. Gradually, you should pay attention to the ghost hunters so they do not catch you on your way. You'll have to embody persons to help you has access to certain switches der to dye streetlights, and for you to set height when you leave their bodies.

How to Play a Ghost Voyage?

To play Ghost Voyage, nothing could be simpler! You must use the arrows on your keyboard to move you to: the right arrow to move forward, to move the left, and the top to jump and go over obstacles before you feel pr. You can use the spacebar to embody people poss ing. Each has a particularity good pr precise and will help you in your mission. They are therefore not the for nothing, and you will be very useful!

For example, the girl will help you to jump higher than the other characters and reach the streetlights in height. Be careful not to jump on the peaks to the ground when you incarnate a character, or else you'll kill him accidentally. Do not miss r reap the water balls.

After a few levels, you can use a weapon to eliminate your enemies. Good luck!

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