Flash game Whack a Mole

Whack a Mole an agility game and hitting

Come sharpen your reflexes r agility in this new game! Enters the world free with our games by rf Conference games. You are going to play this magnificent example classic game Whack A Mole. The game is very fun and the principle is easy to understand. In the game you willing hammer and you must tap all the moles out of the holes.

The more you kill and more points you earn. However you should do it in less than 30 seconds pass this limit, the game will be over. At the end you will see how many moles you have to gomm and how thou hast rat es. To get you in the bath of the game, has a melody m Charly Chaplin plays in the background. In Whack A Mole, slap on the mole who puts his head out of his hole first. More game progresses, the pace acc leer, so you must be quick and attentive on every hole.

Whack A mole is the game that you absolutely must play for boredom. As soon as you get bored, or you want and whenever you want. You just have to have a device with an internet connection and you're pl. An original way to have a good time and stress. After a journ e pulsating or during a coffee break just break the head has these moles fitted sunglasses. Visit our gaming platform to play for free and without registration pr ADVANCE DEPOSIT.

Be faster than his little habits his animals live underground and show them who is master of the place. Everyone can play a Whack A Mole, no age limitation, girls and boys can play without any problem. For d abut the game, click the Play button.

You are willing only 30 seconds to succeed r the first Level. Have fun!

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