Flash game Wild Evader

Wild Evader an avoidance game point and click

The game Wilder Evader is difficult to classify, but it could be classified in the category cat games of skill. It's almost the same principle as in the Snake where you must send ad place a snake without touching the edges or its tail. Evader in Wilder, come to the succor of a small smiley cap to absorb the maximum amount of yellow balls. From a top view, do move the mouse to take control of the little smiley and advance between diff ent obstacles. Swallow the maximum bale can increase your performance and spend has the following tape.

This is a game that n BLINDNESS a certain concentration and an address Genuine. It actually easy to understand why some think this is a game of skill in the extent videment request to have the address to reach the end of the game because we will discuss not only absorb Maximum balls but also to avoid the canvas that you can slow down and get you a loss. The yellow balls are enough licieuses, r ussis to assemble up to go possibly to another tape.

Do everything you can to avoid the red cloth as it very dangerous. Also picks up the clear acqu er of energy and progress in your mission. Be very agile in your glacements of movements and to collect the yellow balls while avoiding red. All of which depend on the way You will lead your mouse. For d abut the game, click the Play button.

Your score is displayed at the top of your game screen A very good game of skill in which young and old can be made to launch to get the best player. Come join the club of champions and record at the same time your score in the record books. Good luck.

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