Flash game Wonder Light

Wonder Light game agility and reflex

Just try to get to the end levels Wonder Light, a super agility and r reflex game that uses the strings Flappy Bird! If you like games like a high-flying, where you fly like an awkward bird, you will bluff by this beautiful game "Wonder Light" is an easy agility fun game to understand, but not easy to play. This game is built around the same basis as the set H licoptere that made the buzz on the net in recent ann es. You cross a tortuous area with obstacles that come from the top or bottom, sometimes both at the same time. How to play a Wonder Light? The principle of the game is to stay in the midst of obstacles, to evolve them, and neither can touch you.

What you need is to keep a balance, do not be too close to the high or too close to the bottom, and especially you pr counter has all CONTINGENCIES s. You are in free fall, to straighten you, you can use the left click of your mouse. As soon as you click, you take away the altitude. Releasing the mouse button, you fall down.

It is this mechanism that will be used m tactfully to stay a good attitude depending on the phase of the game task to take on the road all green bonuses that increase your score. Sometimes it is better to be close to the ground to avoid bumping you, and sometimes the threat is a low to the ground. You have to find the least dangerous part of the frame and you take refuge there r? But you can return to the middle, do it this is the place best suited to sudden changes in direction. You do shalt not take to long. The grip of the game is very difficult, but it comes with time.

Do not tire too quickly the game, you will eventually get used to. Travel as long as possible in the game to be among the best of the best. Have fun!

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