Flash game Yoyo the Star

Yoyo the Star a game agility and balance

Help the little Yoyo keep his balance! Yoyo The Star is a game for girls in which Yoyo star is the character that you should help overcome any obstacles that pr feel on his way to helping. Your mission will not be easy because you'll make it hold on its balance while placing the d. This game is very full of life and color.

It is one of the most en Quent s in the category of cat agility games. Yoyo is a young girl who dreams of being a `super star. It `s just be his school diploma. You have to guide the voice of success. This voice will lead him easily to achieve its objectives.

The game feels pr as follows; yoyo is a young beautiful girl with the exhilaration that comes from `high school with his diploma` s study, and who want to engage without delay in the world of show business. In the race you must allow him to remain in balance, do not lose sight of its objectives. The game pr feel with great control bar at the top of the screen `. Yoyo not yet mastered the mechanics that lead to success, it `s about it the wrong. For you to allow him to remain in equilibrium by balancing his weight on the scale with your mouse. If our yoyo goes on the left côt with the cursor bar, hasten up the back on the right côt and vice versa to enable him to continue his race.

For d abut the game, click on the Start button The Game. Control of the game with your mouse manages, which remains a perfect alli in this mission. The game is fun and full of thrill to allow you to have a good time with the yoyo star.

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