Flash game Zeitenwende

Zeitenwende of agility and arcade game

Come quickly put your address has the evidence in Zeitenwende, super agility and arcade game!

Come play this game of skill where you have to do acrobatics. Zeitenwende is a very simple free game learn, but that requires a lot of patience, large win and flexibility. How do you feel when you watch acrobats walking along a tightrope? Have you held your breath? What will you say and do as they walk a tightrope on your computer?

Zeitenwende is a skill game in which your mission is to keep your acrobat walking on a rope arranged Others outdoors horizontal way as long as you can. You are employee as an acrobat in a circus, your job is to walk on a tightrope. Try to guide the guys through the rope without letting it fall.

How to play a Zeitenwende?

Click on the "Start" button to laugh of the game The number of seconds that you'll keep walking on the rope appears in the bottom right of the screen. In fact, the game is pretty easy, but the end of the long difficult and dangerous work, you have to be attentive to every second. Keep your balanced. Good luck. This game allows you to see how much distance you can keep walking on the rope.

D moves the mouse left and right to maintain the balance. Become a tightrope and r ussis reach the end of the rope without falling, loaded with a pole in his hands. balance weight not to fall into the void. In addition, the birds land on the pole to further complicate things.

This exercise requires strength, the balance, the agility and flexibility. Have fun in this game of skill and good r alis pass very good times with family and friends, and remains master of your emotions. Zen rest!

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