Flash game A Crow in Hell

A Crow in Hell an agility game platform

Between the platform of free games on the net that allows you to play this Crow in hell, this game sc nario unusual. The premise of the game is to guide a lost in the depths of hell to the exit raven. Indeed, a voracious renvers t e a motorcycle and is suddenly in a ravine resembling hell. He can not get out all alone and you're loaded to guide this scavenger bird to the exit without touching the edges could. Easy to say but difficult to achieve because many ar trap undermine the road to freedom.

You will have the heavy responsibility to get out of without gratignure. Guide him through the tunnels with the keys fl ch es on your keyboard. The left and right buttons allow you to move either forward or backward. The up and down keys to guide the poultry up or down according to your lords. The d cor sinister and strange routes by which thou bird of the braid is very scary, it is worthy of a good horror film.

Who would have thought that even animals believe in hell. The raven is a typical example. This game is played solo, just for the cover immediately, you certainly will be a great enthusiast. Every minute pass e in this heat and in this place of perdition complicates things and lengthens the duration of the e raven there.

D book it and help put an end to this torture. Concentrate and do everything you can to help your pet has a out of hell in which it is immersed. Furthermore, with the simplicity of Crow In Hell even the little ones can play this game and contemplate his r realism.

It relies on your help.

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