Flash game A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park

Come quickly to meet A Walk in the Park, super agility game, arcade and platform!

If you're a fan of action games, you'll be well served with it. A Walk in the Park (walk in the park) is a great action game. You okay appr cial and even more if you like walking in the park or if you like dogs. Everything happens in a similar environment to the park. To start playing, click on the big button Start the game which is located on the right côt the game screen in A Walk in the Park, the principles of the game are very amusing.

During this peaceful walk in the park is the dog that takes his master. The master has about him is too busy to play a little air with his guitar. The game has several levels.

The only goal of each level is to get a lolly ice-cold, having previously eaten all the biscuits when there.

How to play A Walk in the Park?

D up yourself with direction arrows on your keyboard, the arrow is used to jump from the top and the bottom was barking (useful to interact with objects or animals or to scare some pi tones). A square with a leash and a "+" extends the leash, with a "-" decreases.

Finally use the arrow at the top of your keyboard to fly with cap ah running. But am also attention to fuel level. The world of A Walk in the Park is quite surprising. Both living, nice and beautiful, you volues in a universe of sudden s papers. You'll have to jump, bounce and fly finally to arrive at your purposes.

What is the strength of this game outside the graphic production which is a very good level is the management plans for game Super game action ad cover very quickly solo or with friends. Good game!

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