Flash game A Whiff Of Christmas

A Whiff Of Christmas action game and agility

A Whiff Of Christmas covers and prevents evil elves cific to tackle the sleigh of Santa Claus!

You want to find yourself in the heart of the action in action games super fun and entertaining? So it is with r el pleasure you will play in this great flash game brought to your disposal. A Whiff Of Christmas is a game classified in the category cat action games and our portal about online flash game. In this game, elves evil cific attack the sleigh of Santa Claus.

You for the sole purpose of preventing them from stealing the gifts destiny s children that Santa Claus brings with it. But elves are very perceptive, they can not steal the gifts, they will steal the father Christmas itself and can be r clam as ransom gifts. You can stop them by jumping on them (arrow direction above) or by sending an asphyxiating pet (arrow down arrow). If you are unable to stop them from stealing the most that is zero or less gifts Father Christmas, then your Christmas celebrations will. How to play a Whiff Of Christmas? The game controls are very simple.

D you up with the direction arrows on your keyboard and picks flowers in order to form gas and dust of canvas. You can also fly you press the space bar, which ends the game so good on you r USSI your mission. To give you ambition, just think to all those poor children who eagerly await their gifts and probably will not receive if you Choues in your mission.

So do your best to make these elves can not harm to this beautiful feast of Christmas. D imm immediately fed part and leaves you especially do not these elves was very s, do not forget that these children are glad about you. Good luck!

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