Flash game Apple hunt

Apple hunt a throw and precision

A young lady picked several apples and now she must run in the basket before returning. It is, she had to pos cart very far and must throw apples to bring them in the basket. You objective is to launch Apple hunt and bring apples picked from the basket to pass the level and progress to the next. Help the young lady has returned home with her basket full of apples very licieuses.

To play starts apples to the basket and r USSI has to enter to win. The party will not be easy, the cart is located at a certain distance and you have to serve you the map to guide your shots. To play, first look at the map to not launch your apple n 'anywhere, first repere the position of a cart with the arrow. Use your mouse, click and launch your guides to the direction of the cart, click a second time to see the power bar that allows you to launch the apple with speed. Control the power bar to know at what point you should throw the ball if it pulls to the right côt the power increases, if d file to the left côt power decreases. In each level you have a certain number pr cis ar launching achieve to try your luck and go to the apple in the basket.

In the first level, you have four tries in an attempt to return the ball. Calculates the distance from the basket well to know how powerfully you need to send the ball. More shopping loign more you should throw the ball hard to get near the basket.

Apple hunt is a shooting game where you have to show a good place to throw your r succeed and bring the ball in the fewest possible trials. Good luck!

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