Flash game Aquafield

Aquafield a game agility and precision

Aquafield in the game, you incarnate the role of a mother goldfish in search of food for its young. In the sea as in the forest, it is the law of the strongest and the weakest are often chass s and s mang by pr daters. Regarding the bbs fish, they are the prey of larger fish that sometimes h sitent not to attack their mother to grab her cubs. This is why many of them do not reach adulthood. In this game, your offspring are hungry and they follow you wherever you want to go. They are very fragile and rely on your talent hunter not to starve.

You must at the same time feeding, and prot ger s SECURING against danger. Brings little green fish until their meals avoiding understood that pr daters do eat. Guide the mother fish into floating worms for the fish as children take their meals. Click with the mouse to the direction you want them to go.

Do not touch the walls and speeds they meet other pr fish predators. Help the mother fish feed her young. For you to move, click with the mouse on the part of the screen where you lords of that Mom makes.

Fed small fish with worms and tent with your three lives to finish all levels of the game is mere immunis e against the rocks and piranhas, but not young fish. So your goal is to prot ger young fish while feeding worms. You'll catch more worms for small fish, you'll have more points.

The score, the number of remaining, and the level of play is displayed on the part sup higher the screen lives.

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