Flash game Area 51

Area 51 game of agility and precision

Show your driving skills of a flying saucer in Area 51, a great game of precision and agility pr! You are often asked what the party was more delicate when it comes to travel in space? This is of course the landing.

In this game, the drivers did not ronef may be enough chevronn s or so have they simply forgotten target their classic r before boarding their ship. In any case they have problems when it comes to land. Your mission is to guide these tl has AIRCRAFT and allow them to land without any problem. We must avoid letting this mission these non-experienced pilots, they could make a wrong move and scuttle these devices so hard to obtain. Become a pilot distance of these devices and help them arise. To install one of these flying saucers, no wheels help you, because there is no gravity.

You can not count on was the tros r es es Hideout on COTS and bottom saucers to arrive at the land gently on the Area 51 platform. Whenever you pass a level, Area 51 will change places. For you to adapt yourself to its investments and to get a place in any of dainty saucers whatever place Area51. How to play Area 51? Use the keys fl ch es keyboard, up, down, left and right to turn the Retro was r es and change the glide path of airships (supports multiple times on the arrow "down" to stop the vessel).

Become a real pro tl guide vessels posing a maximum of 51 vessels in the area. Helps neighbors ET to get a parking space, without your help there would be anarchy on AREA51. Thou art a veteran space pilot, operates as best you can the dozens of landing that you must complete to finish the game ter Then post your score, this is what will allow you the better you compete with other players Area51 of the world.

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