Flash game Bashing Pumpkins

Bashing Pumpkins agility play a special halloween

October 31 comes and strange things appear in the cit Halloween! It is 8am and the cit ja is invaded, oh yes it is the eve of October 31, the day of the Halloween party. Bashing Pumpkins is the set of all mysteries, an agility game, pr precision and rapidity. Halloween has arrived and e everyone barrier for cl pr brate this festival which runs from the night of October 31 of each year ea eve of All Saints.

This festival is cl br ao halloween pumpkin and speaks of talking about all the saints. It is a festival that has been invented to pay tribute to all our fallen simply has all the dead people. And when it comes to death we automatically think of weird things, we talk about the manifestation of spirits by the pr sence of things which appear. During this festival people are in disguise of a terrifying and each trying to be the most terrifying as possible. You will spend a time of joy and of attempts along the game bashing pumpkins a game agility and precision pr very exciting and fun. Pumpkins are very strange call on halloween pumpkins appeared in the cit and invaded the whole cit.

Everyone is worried and asks questions. They all want to know how to get rid of these invasive pumpkins. Help the ad destroy all the pumpkins and lib rer the cit!

Use the mouse to destroy all of the pumpkins by pressing the left key through the diff rents cities in which you'll find you. Be quick and clever and truis as many pumpkins as you can in each city or you find yourself, the United States in France via Egypt and the rest, be pr cis to destroy all of the pumpkins. Pass good moments with Bashing Pumpkins!

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