Flash game Beer Monster

Beer Monster an unusual adventure about beer

M singing a monster has possession of all beers in the village. You embody the role of the most intelligent and courageous man of the whole village, you are charged r cup rer all beers are hidden by the monster and then go celebrate your victory with your friends. The ad monster put beer cans in several places. Adventure game Beer Monster of rolls in several levels and in all, you need a r succeed collect the number of beers to sign es to the next level. The game will not be easy, because along the way, several obstacles will stand in your way.

Use arrows on the keyboard to help your courageous man has to go. The arrow at the top allow you to jump over obstacles, also uses the arrow down to hide and dodge other obstacles. You will have to show great agility to succeed r the most difficult one than the other steps. You will have a total of three lives in each level of the game Avoid losing, if you fall on knives or vacuum you lose in a. Also check your level of energy, a fireball of file from left to right trying to burn you if it touches you, this will decrease your level of energy.

R fl chis well and look or you put your feet, jump to avoid the sharp blades, grab the ladder to climb on the stage and proceeds to beer cans to collect all. Not leave any, if you can not advance to level sup laughing. In the first level you must collect fifty cans of beer for acc der to the next.

Advance with caution around obstacles and r ussis part to become the ros h of the whole village.

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