Flash game Beer Pong Liquid Generation

Liquid Generation Beer Pong game sports and agility

D covers the game Beer Pong Liquid Generation and starts a ping-pong in glasses in front of a pompom girl sexy!

Do you know Beer Pong Liquid Generation, a drinking game ad address on this cover absolutely portal online flash game? The students am Ricans, whose life on campus is sometimes much is e, are familiar with this game where the finality is to drink your classmates. It is a mix between a m basketball game and a bowling game played on a table with a ping-pong and plastic glasses. From your room to student, you're sitting at the end of the table and facing you cups arranged s like bowling pins. In front of you one of the sexiest cheerleaders in college watching you play.

The aim of the game is to bounce the ping-pong it falls into one of the cups.

How to play Beer Pong Liquid Generation?

Use the mouse to move your arm and your hand holding the ball.

Appuy rest on the left mouse button to launch your counter pr. While maintaining the ex cute left mouse button, a movement of the arm from the top of the screen until the black line at the bottom of the screen. Then release the left mouse button as soon as you find yourself in the area between the black line and the bottom of the screen. Thou shalt then bounce the ping pong ball towards the cup. If you r ussis your cart, the cup will be automatically withdrawn from the game and so on, until there is no more cups on the table. If you are magnifying your shot, you need a drink of whiskey!

This is likely to affect your s faculty of concentration. So be concentrated up to not end up completely drunk! A very very fun game superbly r alis with a small, well great music.

A cover of at all costs!

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