Flash game Bell Boys

Bell Boys game super agility and reflection

Take the reins of a luxury hotel and tries to help the boys of installation in their tasks in Bell Boys, game super r flexion and agility! You love the agility games? You think you have tact and be sized to roll a whole hotel?

Then you'll definitely love this game "Bell Boys" is a skill game in which you will appeal to the room of a large hotel toil Service function. The principle of the game is simple, you have to help the boys who work in the hotel deliver customer orders in their rooms. You must see to it that the boys are in the right floor to be able to deliver orders to the corresponding clients. To do this, we must get the bell boys to control then we must raise the elevator, they can either go up the elevator and down the elevator.

All what you need is you make sure they do not fall in the elevator with the control in their hands. It would be a loss of points, time and food. How to play a Bell Boys? To call the elevator, you have to use the left and right arrows on your keyboard, once the elevator door is open, press the keys fl ch es up or down to raise or lower one or more floors.

You must be a butler worthy of the name and deliver a prochable irr service so does your score, and r reputation of the hotel to hang too. You have a whole hotel rotate, so as to take the reins of a pr feels. The game may seem difficult to start, but you get used to the rhythm of the usual boys and a hotel at the top of his form hum drum. Apply yourself well and has r ussis send all orders to their recipients. For d abut the game, click on the big arrow on your screen.

Good luck boy!

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