Flash game Big Head Football

Big Head Football football game and agility delirant

Enters the game and be the top scorer in Big Head Soccer, a football game and agility of raving! Play alone or with a friend Big Head Football! To do this, choose your player from the following stars: Wayne Rooney, Mario Bibotelli, Robin Van Pursie, Cristine Ronaldo, Benzema Karen, Zoltan Ibrahomovic and Furnando Torres. Each possesses its own characteristics character shooting heads, speed and jump. Choose the player that will allow you to win the game! Against the best players in the world in a game without a thank you!

How to Play a Big Head Football? To play Big Head Football, you must first choose your game mode: single ("New Game") or with a friend ("Player 2", bottom right). Then choose the player that you would like to embody, and go!

To control your player on the lawn, you will need your keyboard. The arrow keys allow you to move forward or backward toward the goals, and allow up arrow to blow it to pass over your opponent or to make heads for example you. To shoot, use the space key! Be careful not to get caught in reverse: once the ball is pass e behind you, it is very difficult to catch up to keep it from going into the cage, and trying to do you to risk send the ball directly in your nets! Tries to send the ball over the bonuses that appear as green bubbles for r cup rer and activate them, while avoiding the penalty (red bubbles).

Be smart in your trajectories esp rer win the match! Go ahead, enters the game and be the best football player of the game!

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