Flash game Bingohtrail

Bingohtrail a ball game on platform

Bingohtrail is a platform game in which you'll run a ball and the lead as far as possible. To earn maximum points. There are three modes with differ ent s degree of difficulty. If you are a novice, you can choose the first level, the blue frame with a canvas. But if you're a vt ran, you can choose the second or third level. They are much faster than the first level.

The way forward can change all the time and you can easily Fail. Be careful. 'm Rolling a ball on a 3D circuit and attempts to cross the line arrived e without falling into the void. A compound tile colors floating in space circuit. It is constituted of color tiles and holes. You'll control a gray ball and you must ensure that it stays on the circuit. The goal is to complete the course as quickly as possible without falling into the area of ​​game Choose your circuit according to the difficulty level, then it is gone.

Use arrows keys to move the ball in all directions. Press space bar to jump. For ex cuss a little jump, press remains the CTRL key while pressing the spacebar. Use the arrow key to move up. Use the arrow keys left and right direction keys to avoid falling into precipices pr. There are three types of cells: red cells, without sp cific actions, the green boxes that allow you to jump and blue boxes acc lerent the ball a few seconds.

Sr click the "Play" button and then click one of the three routes of stumbling, confirm, expert of some laugh. Distance and speed of the ball are represented feels are at the top of the screen through two buttons

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