Flash game Blob Lander

Blob Lander an agility game platform

Blob lander is a very fun game on agility platform! In this classic game, a little alien on board his ship from a d-covered space. It will confront many obstacles and difficulties s of all kinds. You have to help in its mission by guiding it not to get caught by the monsters that his ship does s' crushes on landing. You must guide him throughout his career and make him pass the diff rent levels.

To play, use the arrows on the keyboard to guide the ship in all directions. R to succeed to pass the levels, you have to collect succeed r cl sd pos es around the game control well your gear not the crush on landing. Guards an eye on the table right not to lose sight of your fuel level and the level of shields that you should collect. Collect all the bonus features on your way to increase your fuel level.

Collect cl s you meet on your way to open doors that will make acc der the next level. D latch off the spaceship by pressing the arrow at the top, then maintained in full flight with the help of the arrow to right to advance. Does not progress without sticking to, otherwise you will lose all your energy without reaching your goal. Get three lives in total that you should keep up. If you lose all your three lives, you lose the game. Well control your flight, otherwise you risk to crush the ship and you lose a life.

You will not be limited by time, one goal is to collect cl s and bonus options to advance further in the levels sup laughing.

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