Flash game Bloody Blades

Bloody Blades an action game full of agility

D covers an action packed adventure in the land of ninjas! Ninjas are Japanese warriors cagoul s physical and acrobatic skills with comp extreme a very large hiding capacity. These characters berc s childhood with int esting films and pop are known. You must help our young ninja overcome obstacles which he has pr feel without getting killed while eliminating the evil ninjas. The task is complex in this game adrenal or realistic characters collide in the air to come to end.

Bloody Blade is an action that you can find on our game This game feels a pr game character; a young ninja very strong and well armed that is mission; its only goal is to kill all evil ninjas before they can kill him. The space is a forest or velopp ninja clash in the trees with swords and p es. Camouflage is our ninja in black with his sword used as a weapon to kill the ninjas Camouflage s and s dressed in purple. Under the bottom of the screen, two red and blue bars represents feel your blood level and power can achieve r bursts of shots. The view of the game is in profile, the control manages with the arrows on the keyboard to move your ninja d. Supports the A button to attack, S to pick up speed and D for you to crack. Appuy maintained on the button to start the Magic Ball Attack.

Game has submitted your appr ciation is a wonderful adventure game with good effects conceptualized s, a graphics worthy of a fifth straight out of my Japanese film. The playability is simple and attractive. Fighting superbly r alis s with superb access the rations for an action above average game.

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