Flash game Bouncy the Ball

Bouncy the Ball arcade game and jumping agility

Trying to reach the end of levels more difficult than the others in the Bouncy Ball, super arcade and agility!

Bouncy the Ball is an adventure game with multiple levels agr ble. If you're a fan of adventure games that are simple, know that this game will please you thoroughly. With your red ball, looking to put on the yellow circles. As you know the game has several levels and each level of the game and the course configuration change and become more complicated.

The red ball will be in front of him bonus you can earn but also some objects that must avoid touching the risk of losing points.

How to Play a Bouncy the Ball?

Earns the most points possible and explodes the score. You have to pay attention and succeed in collecting the max bonus for the rest of the game m mechanism of the game is very simple you will use the arrow keys of the computer left and right to move to the ball and also the button space to blow your ball well with a correct timing for him to avoid losing the ball to the differently face obstacles pr senteront before you. Do not fall into the barriers, otherwise you risk losing the game. The game is very appealing because of its simplicity and its mechanism m. In levels sup laughing, the game becomes more complicated.

Here you understood, use the buttons as directed and tell your best ball. Also be careful to put obstacles in your way because they can very quickly courter your evolution. For better compr Understanding, information section will help you better understand and identify the game from all angles.

Throw yourself now plays and share your score with your friends and ends will be the champion between you and your friends. Bouncy The Ball is an attractive hyper game you'll tie you up very quickly!

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