Flash game Bump Copter 2

Bump Copter 2 game action and agility

D covers Bump Copter and learn to manage your h licoptere and accomplish your tasks without having an accident!

Do you like action games that n cessitent real alli address e is agility? You'll see that this game is for you and very quickly you'll tie you up. D covers this superb game that immerses you in a very int esting and exciting environment. You'll enjoy it and have a real driving pleasure in your licoptere h. You will be the driver of your h lico red will go r cup rer flags facing obstacles in front of him. You'll go there and try not hitting any obstacles in front of you and also the edges of the screen.

After having r r cup flags you pass to another level with a diff rent configuration and a different kind at the obstacles. In each level, you must succeed ar r cup rer a number of flags to succeed r level, which you will advance to the next. You can start with the goal of the game with a difficulty level less difficult to train you to refine your strat gy m and your method for directing your licoptere h. You'll be able and properly direct your camera facing p rip these parts.

How to play a Bump Copter 2?

To direct your camera you are using the directional arrows on your keyboard to advance your h licoptere To trigger of shots, you need to click the space bar to shoot. In front of you get fixed obstacles, but also moving obstacles, so attention must be paid well maneuver your licoptere h. This is not a simple action game, but a game of skill and agility. Vas d covered this exciting world adventurer. D trust your friends trying to access the most der lev level of the game you can even share your scores to show your Supreme Matie.

Have fun and quickly become champion Michael Schumacher pilots!

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