Flash game Bomb Burgers

Bomb Burgers arcade game

D covers Burgers and Bombs help Taz swallow maximum burgers while avoiding the bombs!

You like arcade games, you would find yourself in a simple game to have real moments of tent and fun? Here's Burgers Bombs that immerses you in an environment of tent and pure fun. A simple game in concept and mechanism of m game, you'll quickly see that Burgers Bombs is really a game agr ble cover ad.

As its name suggests, the game offers much on the food but it does not stop there. You certainly know the myth of the monster c lebre Tasmanian ... Retrieve the c lebre cartoon character Taz, who was very hungry as usual. We need you help to fill his belly.

You'll have to help him eat, but it will not give up so easily. At the bottom of the hole on gives him many things including food. You'll have to leave speeds down food to avoid losing points. Ments on the throw to him there are bombs and dynamite. We will have to avoid them because they are a bit indigestible for Taz.

But you can att tinue this problem by taking tablets medicinal products that will go down as among the jet ments s monster. So you'll see that this is a real need to adopt Use Strategy to feed this monster. Because this chip into bonus explosives and allows you to lower the level which is a côt.

How to play a Burgers Bombs?

To play, you just using the keys left and right of your computer keyboard. Be quick and active r to raise as much food, and avoid losing points.

Go ahead, cover of this endearing hyper fast game with its simple and easy to play concept. Do not wait a single second and call your friends to start their one of fi. Good luck and have fun well with your monster!

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