Flash game Cannon Commander

Cannon Commander, an agility game and launch

Cannon Commander, an agility game and go! In this game Cannon Commander, you embody the role of the commander who must defend his castle against enemy attacks. Your territory has been invaded by powerful enemies, they attack you and pull you over, they want conquest er your territory and destroy your kingdom. You must not make their task easier.

Try to destroy all of to maintain your freedom. To play and manipulate your gun uses arrows left or right to guide your weapon to your target. You can also increase or decrease the power of your gun according to the distance of the target; if the target is loign e, press the arrow at the top to send your cannonball far, if the target is close, makes a shot-up of pressing the arrow at the bottom.

Take the time to rep Manage your target, then aim your shot and latch with the z button. D fends your castle truisant of all the enemies that are on your way s dress. You also have the possibility to activate the bounce mode to bounce your shot until it reaches your target before exploding.

Avoid letting your enemy get up pitch castle, they r On success three times get lost. As soon as you realize the flying dog or h risson blue bounding activates the bounce mode, ca allow you to destroy them quickly and they can not reach you. Earn points for every enemy you destroy r ussis ad. Control the resistance r of your castle will not be surprised. Tire your enemies relentlessly while controlling the level of your ammunition, latch your shots at the right time to not waste your cannonballs.

D truis all your opponents, wins the battle, gaining maximum points and accede to the next level to measure yourself to other more formidable enemies.

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