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Car Race Game Car Race and agility

Trying to get maximum points in Race Car, super car game and agility! If you love driving cars, do missions and get a bonus in a car, you might love this wonderful game that you can try right away. "For race" is a car game, exciting and easy to play with which you will live a more beautiful voiturieres adventures of your life. This is one of the best car games with t put on the canvas during ann es 80. Enters dance, pr adorn yourself to live the fantastic adventure of any guy who will drive a car more sp cial . Car full of red CONVERTIBLE charm will be a your disposal can only please you, but once on board you realize it has nothing of great racing cars F1 has nothing of a Ferrari , and the map style is anything but a Lamborghini. But you have only to consider all these rations because of you and this red CONVERTIBLE going to do great things on this track.

The principles are simple, you will evolve on a more or less straight line, at an average speed, and you'll have to avoid the blocks present in person on the road not amocher your car. How to Play a Car Race? To drive the car, just basic commands: c fl keys are keyboard control the car. Fl e c key top allows you to press the mushroom and access the rer, the bottom button do the exact opposite, allows you to slow down and brake.

The left and right buttons allow you to go either left or right. The score is to finish depending on your driving behavior: every time you hit an obstacle you were off 5 points, and every time you pass to the marked white s checkpoints on the road, you have 5 points more has your score. Not r fl chis more to drive your red car and crossed the line e arrived with the highest lev possible score.

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