Flash game Cheat Master

Cheat Master game of agility

D covers Cheat Master and amuse yourself a cheat copying your classmates without the teacher will catch you!

D covers Cheat Master game superbly r alis, one of the best games of agility. You'll play the role of a regulator in a very zero per period end review ann e. You r watches very early to go to the school. Arrived in the exam room, you sit on your seat before your sheet accounts and you imagine that you know absolutely nothing about the subject. You know nothing about all these subjects: math matic, physics, economics, biology, English and history. You have imp pared to Hook averaged to obtain a travel ticket promised your parents on success in examinations.

The only thing you can do is either wait for a miracle, or cheat. You then choose to cheat. You can click on your classmates who have an exclamation point above their head during the exams, and m trust yourself to the teacher, do not be surprised.

You have five exams and you have nothing r live, it's time to start copying. Your colleagues want to help you then realize all. Everyone comes to watch you pr consideration. Click on them to reproduce their questions but am very careful Professor in the hallways. Try to ogle on the copy of your classmates.

How to play a Cheat Master?

To play, simply click on your neighbors who have class with the replies, with an exclamation point above their head, do not release the mouse button to mimic more r answers. But do not forget that this is still a game Click on the grid boxes are color am changing the answers r your classmates. This game is very int esting and plays with extreme intelligence.

Good luck and good game!

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