Flash game Chili Time

Chili Time, be agile but also accelerates

Chili Time goes quickly as possible to eat for that you must be agile And compete in chili time. The competition aims to quickly eat a dish of chili to win the game for. This is a competition that exists in Asian cities such as Shanghai and Hong Kong. Competitors must pass several proofs like eating large dishes filled with all kinds of foods, or eating food chili e and sometimes try to clear his food dish in record time. D is running on a background of fairly simple stage, with two snowmen standing side by side in front of shelves filled with peppers, the principle is r succeed to empty a dish of peppers large and small and you have to get any room dish before your competitor to win the game.

Your player is on the left with the red cap and your competitor's computer is the player on the right. To start the game, press the Start Game button and then presses again on indicated by the arrow that is on your left Start button. To play use the mouse, you have to click very quickly and relentlessly on the left mouse button to allow a player to perform your actions that show that he is eating. You must succeed r has to eat all the peppers before your competitor.

If your competitor ends before you get lost the game. Your competitor is very fast and it will not be easy to beat. You owe the support of part of the game without interruption on your mouse to allow a player to anticipate your opponent by eating more peppers.

R ussis quickly empty your tray before your opponent and win the competition chili eater fastest in the world.

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