Flash game Conquer Antarctica

Conquer Antarctica an agility game and launch

Pars conquer the Antarctic and leads a squad of penguins! Since historical time pr man always does a follower of conquests. The thirst for power and wealth drives to want to fight battles acqu er new lands and also subjugate entire populations. From a conquest of the Antarctic does not always easy, as though we know what r alit s ground.

Playing a parody you find yourself immersed in a world adventurer conquer Antarctica in command of an arm e penguins in Antarctica Conquer, a very fun and easy to play action game . The scene goes to roll in the Regions of ice and you're at the head of an arm of penguins are wearing red caps to the head and you have to lead in the battle for er conquest of new lands. Develops technical parameters attacks ing nieuses order to eliminate other animals and soft surface of your territory. R to succeed your quest for new territories, you have in your possession weapons like snowballs, grenades, rocket launchers, and more weapons of war. This is a class is involved in the cat shirts Worms kind. Serve up your bazooka or grenades to destroy all your opponents and remains one master Antarctica.

All played with the mouse. Selected on the weapon you want to use, then up into the drag area at the top left of the screen to adjust the angle and power of your shot, all with the mouse. Help yourself from the Fire button to shoot other enemy penguins.

Each side plays a turn. Lovers Rambo trilogy have something to put in the tooth with its high finishes that remind us of the adventures of Silvester Stallone. The game is well designed and is waiting to be feat. !

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