Flash game Crystal Land

Crystal Land platform game and arcade

Try your luck in Crystal Land platform game and arcade! In this adventure game Crystal land, your one and only objective is to collect as many crystals as diamonds to earn points and move towards levels sup laughing. The game is to roll in a platform with herbs coated plates between which you must jump to try to place you. Crystal land has several levels; In each level, you have a number of crystal pick to progress. Do move your little red bubble in the direction of diamonds and collect them all.

It is not won in advance, tiny animals like small pea, spin near diamonds and you gotta avoid not to lose a life. Use the directional arrows on the keyboard to move your red apple from left to right, press the space bar on the keyboard to make the jump. Crystal land is also full of obstacles, recesses and slots are arranged s, adding the tiny monsters. How to Play a Crystal Land?

Control your apple, quickly obstacles, jump on the heads of beasts to crush. You must also be very careful, you advance without pr cipiter. Expects the critters are on the opposite side, press an arrow direction, supports simultaneous ing the space bar and blew your apple.

Mounted on one of the plates, forward and jump on each other while calculating the distance of your jump. Advance with care and precision pr. Get throughout the game, three lives, if you fall into a hole or if you make yourself bitten by a bug, you lose a life.

You will not be limited by time, your only goal is to collect the crystals in each level to progress. Do play your agility, jumping, crushes your enemies, collect all the crystals in record time and won all levels.

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